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Hospitality industry on the verge of business model change

In the new, COVID-19 reality, as the global situation changes rapidly, no one knows even the nearest future. But for sure nobody would ever like to disregard more than 10% of previous global GDP, which is Travel & Tourism.

Entire Travel & Tourism industry will come out of the crisis heavily battered, but so will be the customers - travelers and guests. During our interviews with significant group of hoteliers it became clear, that within the nearest future there will be no space to any price hike in various fields, including hospitality services.

In the coming days, the only possible way and reasonable solution for the industry seems to be enhancing the OTT sales in the venues in order to gain more revenue from fewer clients and which would enable to close the revenue gap.

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Conscious Tourist

Impersonation of the Experience Economy

At the turn of the 20th and 21st century a new category of travellers emerged, which is constantly growing, the as we call them Conscious Tourists - more knowledgeable about the world, flexible, independent, mobile, representing different demographic characteristics, guided by a different value system and leading a different lifestyle.

Conscious Tourists want not only to „see” and „find out”, but also to „understand” and „experience”, and come into direct contact with the place they are visiting. According to the experience economics the right products for them are: experiences, emotions, sensations, feelings, mood and atmosphere. However, these experiences should be memorable and adapted to the individual needs of the recipient.

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WOW Hospitality TV

A TV-based solution for enhanced experience and greater benefit

Discover some of the features of our solution

Quality content

Our solution is not Internet based, therefore allows to introduce a clean, quality content provided exclusively by local tourism organisations and vendors.

Local experiences

System is dedicated to local information and offers, working between the role of a concierge and local guide, helping a guest to experience locality at its finest.

In-room purchases

Our platform allows local vendors to sell their goods or services direct to the guest, increasing dramatically a market potential for local entrepreneurs.

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